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Best Car Seat Covers For Sweaty Athletes in 2022


Whatever form of exercise you do, if you do it intensely, there will be sweat. If you have to get in your car and go somewhere to exercise, like the gym or local trail for a run, you have no doubt had the experience of getting back into your car to go home and leaving sweat marks on your car seats.

Or, a friend has offered you a lift home and you’re worried to lean back against the seat because you’re sweating after your run. Or maybe you’re a triathlete and you’ve just finished a swim and need to get in your car and go home.

The solution? Invest in one of the best car seat covers for sweaty athletes, runners, and triathletes. This will save your car seats from regular soaking—which can lead to mold and odor in your vehicle.

The one we would pick is the Orange Mud Transition Wrap 2.0. It’s a multipurpose seat cover and changing towel made from plush microfiber. It even has an integrated hoodie.

Read through the full list to find something that suits you.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Orange Mud Transition Wrap 2.0


  • Adjustable belt and clip
  • Plush microfiber material
  • Integrated hoodie
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Leader Accessories Sweat Towel Front Bucket Seat Covers


  • Easy to install
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Easy storage
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Lebogner Waterproof Sweat Towel Car Seat Cover


  • Anti-odor sweat towel
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Waterproof design
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Best Overall

1. Orange Mud Transition Wrap 2.0

This isn’t just a car seat cover. It’s a multipurpose item that can be used as a towel, a changing sheet, or a car seat. It’s made from plush, soft microfiber, so whatever you use it for, it will be soft and comfortable on the skin.

The built-in belt and clip lets you can wear the Transition Wrap around your waist like you would a normal towel. The clip holds the towel securely in place, allowing you to remove your wet trunks and replace them with dry ones easily, wherever you are.

Once you’ve changed out of your wet clothing, you can unhook the belt clasp, lay the towel over the car seat, and zip it up at the top to form a hoodie. Slip this over the headrest, and you have a cover to protect your car seats from both sweat and water. The towel is 30 by 60 inches, so it should be long enough for users of all ages and sizes.

Orange Mud recommends washing it in cold water before the first use and drying it cool, so you may not be able to tumble-dry this towel. If you do wash it in the machine, be careful, as the color can run, especially on the first few washes.


  • Multipurpose changing towel and seat cover
  • Adjustable belt and clip
  • Made from plush microfiber
  • Integrated hoodie


  • You have to wash it separately, as the color can run

Top No-Slip Seat Cover

2. Leader Accessories Sweat Towel Front Bucket Seat Covers

Car seat covers can sometimes move too much or slip down as you’re sitting on the seat, causing discomfort and making them ineffective.

This non-slip car seat cover is designed in a way that makes it stay in place when you put it over the seat.

One side of the cover has anti-slip material on it, so it stays against the seat even while someone is sitting in it. The other side is covered with soft material that absorbs water and makes the seat comfortable and soft. In between these two layers, a third layer of waterproof film  ensures there’s very little chance of water ending up on your seats.

It is machine-washable and easy to store afterward – just roll it up. Although it says it’s a universal size, these covers seem to fit better on smaller car seats. If you have a larger vehicle with large seats, they may not fit, or could pull the headrest forward.


  • Sweat towel is made from 3 layers
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Easy storage


  • Some people may find that the seat cover doesn’t fit their car seat if they have a large vehicle

Best Value

3. Lebogner Waterproof Sweat Towel Car Seat Cover

There’s nothing fancy about this car seat cover, but it does its job well, which is why we’ve chosen it as our best value product. It is made from soft, absorbent plush microfiber. The back features non-slip material to keep it in place once it’s over your seat.

There’s an adjustable elastic strap that keeps the towel secure around the bottom of your seat. It will help to protect your car seats from sweat, water, mud, and even pet hair. It is anti-odor and machine washable, which makes it very convenient to use anywhere and at any time.

In some cases, the car seat cover may not fit perfectly depending on the position of the headrest. You may need to adjust the headrest for it to fit properly.


  • Anti-odor sweat towel
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Waterproof design
  • Anti-slip backing fabric


  • Some people may find that the seat cover isn’t long enough if they adjust the headrest to their preferred position

Top with Seat Belt Cover

4. Lusso Gear Waterproof Car Seat Cover

This car seat cover offers maximum protection, as it also includes a seat belt cover. It comes in a variety of different colors, and it’s made from waterproof, odor-resistant, and stain-resistant neoprene.

It has an open-side design so you can still adjust the seat while the cover is on and it won’t get in the way of airbags. The 4 straps are also removable which makes it easier to roll up and store.

The neoprene helps to provide extra padding so you stay comfortable even when you’re dry. And it helps to keep your car cooler in the heat.

When you purchase this seat cover, it may have a strong smell. That should go away after a few weeks. It’s advisable to wash the cover before using it.


  • Odor-resistant
  • Waterproof design
  • Open side design
  • Non-slip backing


  • Some may find the smell of the car seat cover to be a bit overwhelming for the first few weeks

Best Microfiber Seat Cover

5. TiiL Fit-Towel Car Seat Cover

Microfiber is a soft, absorbent material often found in yoga mats. It absorbs moisture from sweat, but is also bacteria-resistant and odor-resistant. It’s form-fitting, which means it molds to the shape of your car seat so it looks sleek.

It is easy to place onto the car seat, and is held in place with adjustable straps and cord clips. It also features silicone bead skidless technology so it doesn’t slide on your seat, but stays in one spot.

The cover has a built-in mesh bag it can be packed into when it’s not being used. It’s machine washable and can be placed in the dryer as well for convenience.


  • Silicon skidless technology
  • Form-fitting microfiber
  • Bacteria-resistant
  • Built-in breathable mesh bag


  • This seat cover may not work on bucket seats

Most Colorful

6. Seat Hoody – 100% Waterproof Sweat Proof Car Seat Cover

Many car seats covers only come in neutral colors, but this one is available in three bright, eye-catching patterns. They are all sea-themed, with one being dark black and the other two bright blue shades.

These seat covers have two layers and are fully waterproof, despite their watery designs. The top layer is a soft and absorbent polyamide blend, so whether you just got out of the pool or you’re sweating after an intense workout, the moisture will be absorbed before it reaches the car seat. The back layer is an anti-slip fabric that grips the seat and prevents the cover from moving as you get in and out.


  • Double layer seat cover
  • Universal fit
  • Non-slip silicone back
  • Waterproof


  • Some may not like the colors offered

Best Neoprene Car Seat Cover

7. Neo-Crafts Car Seat Cover

Neoprene is the material diving suits are made from, and it’s one of the most waterproof materials available.

This 100% neoprene car seat cover will not only keep moisture from ending up on your seats, but it also feels sleek and smooth, and looks stylish in any car.

All you’ll need to do is slip the universal cover over your headrest and pull it down over the seat. An adjustable strap allows you to tighten it around the back of the seat. Once it is properly positioned, it will protect your seats from moisture, stains, and even spills.

This car seat cover comes with a seat belt protector so that your interior can be as protected as possible. Some users have felt that the covers lost their shape after a few months of regular use, but it depends on how often they’re used. They also may have a strong smell in the beginning.


  • Made from neoprene
  • Universal fit
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to install


  • Some people may find that the seat covers lose their shape after a couple of months

Top Faux Leather

8. Big Ant Waterproof Universal 2 PCS Car Seat Cushion Covers

If you want a car seat cover that doesn’t look like a cover, these faux leather seat covers might interest you. They’re made out of waterproof polyurethane, but they have a stylish leathery look just like a normal car seat.

The PU leather protects your seats against sweat, spillage, or any other type of liquid. It is comfortable and padded, with a layer of leather on top, a non-slip layer on the bottom, and rebound sponge in between for shock absorption and comfort.

The 4-point securing system means there’s little chance of the seat cover moving once it’s been attached. Two straps with buckles go around the headrest, a zipper fixes the cover underneath the headrest, 2 plastic chucks secure the cover in the gap in the seat and 2 hooks secure it to the bottom of the seat.

Some people may find that the seat covers retain heat due to their leather design.


  • Made from waterproof PU leather
  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • 4-point non-slip feature
  • Easy to install


  • Some people may find that these car seats retain heat

Most Padded

9. Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector

Even though a car seat cover’s main purpose is to protect your car seats from moisture and dirt, it also helps if the cover is padded so you’re comfortable while sitting on it. This car seat cover has 9 layers of padding so your experience with it will be soft and comfortable.

The top layer is PVC leather, which gives it a clean and classy look. Underneath, there’s a variety of different layers, including two high-density foam pieces and an insert for extra stability and protection.

It’s also very easy to install, with an adjustable head strap, two adjustable side straps, and a flap that can slip through the seat gap and be secured at the back. It’s designed to be latch-compliant so you don’t need to worry about the seat cover getting in the way of fastening your seat belt.

As well as being comfortable, odor-resistant and non-slip, this seat cover has 3 built-in pockets for extra storage space to keep your valuables close at hand. Some users may find that the top layer of the seat cover is a little slippery when they sit on it.


  • 9 layers of protection
  • High-density foam padding
  • Extra-large design
  • 3 built-in pockets


  • Some people may find the car seats to be slippery

Best Rear Seat Cover

10. BDK UltraFit Car Seat Towel Cover, Rear Bench

This double-length seat cover is designed to fit most vehicles’ back seats, and it has strategically-placed holes for the seat belt buckles so that they’re within easy reach. It’s also designed to be compatible with side airbags, so safety is not compromised.

The soft, waterproof polyester blend material protects the seat from sweat, dirt and even pet fur. Just place it over the headrests, adjust the buckles to the tightness you prefer, pull out the seat belt buckles, and slide the cover into the seat gap to secure it.

It’s 46-inches high and 56 inches wide, so make sure it fits your rear seat before buying it. For some, the length of this seat cover is too short, and it may bunch up underneath the knees of passengers in the back seat.


  • Universal fit
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Easy access to the seat buckle
  • Side airbag compatible


  • Some people may find the seat cover to be a bit short and that it bunches up


Why is a seat cover important to have after a workout?

It’s likely that you will sweat no matter what your workout. When you get into your car afterwards, that sweat gets into your car seats.

If this happens on a regular basis, bacteria can begin to grow in the material of your seats and cause an unpleasant odor.

This means that your car may be an unhealthy environment. It is not always possible for you to replace the car seats when this happens, as they can be expensive and take time. To prevent this from happening, you can add car seat covers to protect your seats.

What features should a seat cover have?

When shopping for a car seat cover, you may find that there are many options to choose from. But if you want the best protection, there are certain factors you should consider.

A car seat cover should be waterproof. This will protect your seats from sweat, but also from rain and accidental spills. Most covers are universal sizing, but it may be a good idea to check the exact size and make sure it will fit your car seat before getting one.

Odor-resistance and antibacterial treatments are both good properties for car seat covers to have. You should also consider the material the car seat cover is made out of. Microfiber is very soft, absorbent, and towel-like. Neoprene is smooth, but it repels water more than absorbs it. If you’re looking for a car seat cover with a smarter look, leather or faux leather one may be what you need.

The color you choose will depend on personal preference, but it may be best to choose a darker color so it doesn’t get dirty as quickly. Choose a cover that is machine washable for convenience.

Additional protection

Aside from sweat, car seat covers can protect your car seats from pet claws and fur, kids spilling or dropping things on the seat, accidental damage when transporting goods, and dust or everyday dirt.

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