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Best Bike Trainer Rocker Plate in 2022


Want to challenge yourself in a fun way that will also increase your cycling strength and build real-world power on the road? You should consider investing in a bike trainer rocker plate.

A bike trainer is an excellent tool for working out indoors, any hour, in any weather. But there’s one big disadvantage – it’s really not like riding on the road at all.

It’s a great way to build leg strength, increase your power and get a super cardiovascular workout. But when it comes to imitating real-world conditions, the trainer doesn’t quite get it right.

A rocker plate fixes that and provides you with a great workout right in the comfort of your home.

We’ve chosen the KOM Indoor Rocker Plate RPV1 as our top pick. It’s compatible with almost all bike trainers, is 64 inches in length, and offers 13° of horizontal motion for an optimal road-like experience.

If you’re looking for a way to pump up your cycling training, here are our top recommended products.

Top 3 Best and Favorite


KOM Indoor Rocker Plate RPV1


  • 13° of horizontal motion
  • Features rubberized grips
  • Compatible with most trainers
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ZYING Rocker Plate for Cycling Training, Smart Bike Trainer


  • Universal design
  • Skid-resistant construction
  • 13 mounting slots
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Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform


  • Multi-dimensional movement
  • Adjustable touch points
  • Strategically-placed grip tape
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Best Overall

1. KOM Indoor Rocker Plate RPV1

The KOM Indoor Rocker Plate RPV1 is our top choice. It can take a weight of 425 pounds on the plate, which is more than enough for almost any bike and almost any rider.

At 64 inches in length, it’s more than enough space for most bikes to fit on. The widest part of the rocker plate is 34.5 inches wide, which also fits most bicycle trainers out there.

It sits 3.75 inches above the floor, which is enough to give you a good wobble but not so high that it feels unstable. In total, you can get up to 13 degrees of lateral motion on this rocker plate, which is a significant enough amount to get the core to engage properly.

Underneath the plate, rubberized grips prevent it from doing any damage to your floors. It also keeps the plate safely in place so you can ride hard without worrying about moving across the floor.

Sturdy Velcro straps keep the trainer’s legs and front wheel firmly connected to the rocker plate. Multiple slots have been cut into the board to accommodate trainers of all kinds.

To provide the rocker feeling, the top board balances on two inflatable balls, giving it just the right amount of instability.

It comes with two plates (full size, in a large box!), 4 inflatable balls, and a pump complete with needle to inflate the balls.

The whole thing weighs 42 pounds and is a little cumbersome, so you may need the help of another person to move it. We advise assembling it in the room you’re going to use it in.

You can buy an accessory tray separately if you like having somewhere to keep your water bottle or to rest a laptop or tablet if you like to follow along with bike routes on YouTube or other cycling apps.


  • 13° of horizontal motion
  • Features rubberized grips
  • Compatible with most trainers
  • 64 inches in length, 34.5 inches wide


  • The Velcros straps need to be very tight to prevent movement when riding hard

Top Runner-Up

2. TurboRocks The Realplate React

The Realplate React from TurboRocks is fairly similar to our top product. It offers a lean angle of 6.6 degrees and close to 8.3 inches of lateral movement for a realistic riding feeling.

It’s slightly longer than the KOM rocker plate, at almost 69 inches in length. If you happen to have a slightly bigger bike that doesn’t fit on the KOM, then this rocker plate is the ideal choice for you.

It’s also large enough to accommodate almost all bike trainers and turbo trainers. At its widest, this rocker plate is 36.6 inches, and the 0.7-inch birch ply plates and carbon-polished steel can handle a good lot of weight on them.

Non-slip feet and a non-slip surface make this plate super safe. Just be aware that although the Velcro straps work really well for leisurely rides, if you want to get out of the saddle for a serious sprint, they may not hold up. You may need to double-strap or make another plan to hold the trainer in place.

It’s easy to use. All you need to do is inflate the small “bladders” in between the two plates and level it out using the built-in leveling system at the bottom of the device.

You’ll get a spare bladder, mini pump, and compatible needle along with your purchase. There’s also a 1-year manufacturing warranty.


  • Built-in leveling system
  • Non-slip surface
  • Lean angle of 6.6 degrees
  • Compatible with trainers and turbo trainers


  • Heavy, so may be difficult to move around

Best Value

3. ZYING Rocker Plate

The ZYING Rocker Plate is very similar to our top option. It’s uniquely shaped, which enhances stability and reduces weight. It’s compatible with just about any bike trainer, including Wahoo, TacX, Core, Zwift, and Kickr.

With 13 mounting slots arranged in the base, almost any shaped trainer can be properly strapped down for a great workout. Be aware that the Velcro straps may not hold up on really vigorous rides, especially if you’re planning on getting out of the saddle.

At 64 inches long and 34.5 wide at its widest point, you do need a fair bit of space around you to use this rocker. You’ll get a very decent 13 degrees of rocking movement out of it, which fairly accurately simulates real-world movement.

The bottom is skid-resistant so you can ride hard without worrying about the rocker moving on the floor as you pedal. Rubberized grips provide a stable grip on any floor, whether carpet, tiles, or wood.


  • Universal design
  • Skid-resistant construction
  • 13 mounting slots
  • 64 x 34.5 inches


  • Needs to be double-strapped down to have vigorous rides safely

Best For Advanced Cyclists

4. Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform

Beginners and intermediate cyclists can use almost any trainer and get some benefit out of it.

But advanced cyclists may prefer something like the Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform, as it not only incorporates side-to-side movement, but fore and aft movement too.

This multi-dimensional movement, known as Nfinity technology, provides an exceptional recreation of riding outdoors. It’s a responsive platform, keeping your core engaged and improving your balance every moment you’re on it.

Adjustable touch points on the board allow you to set it up to your own specifications, so you can be comfortable when riding.

You’ll get up to 9.5 inches of fore/aft movement, and 6 degrees of sideways lean. It’s ever so slightly shorter than the others, at 63 inches, and a touch wider, at 35.5 inches, but it should be perfectly fine to fit almost any bike.

It can also accommodate most riders, as it’s been tested to withstand a weight of 350 pounds. Remember, this includes both the bike and the rider!

The rocker plate is attractive enough to be placed comfortably in any room. With a combination of light wood, steel, and aluminum, it’s a sleek and durable design that fits into any style decor.

It also has a built-in front wheel block that’s compatible with both road bikes and mountain bikes. Whatever you want to train, you can do it on the MP1!

As an added bonus, it comes fully assembled, so there’s no need to worry about putting it together. Just take it out of the box, place it where you want it, strap the bike down, and get training!


  • Multi-dimensional movement
  • Built-in front wheel block
  • Adjustable touch points
  • Strategically-placed grip tape


  • Some cyclists felt it was too narrow in the front


Got questions about the best bike trainer rocker plate? Here’s what you need to know before deciding which one to invest in.

What is a Rocker Plate?

A bike trainer rocker plate is a flat device that you rest your bike trainer on top of on the floor.

It provides a more real-life feeling than the floor, as it tilts slightly from side to side, creating movement that wouldn’t otherwise be there on a stationary bike.

How Does a Rocker Plate Work?

The rocker plate allows the bike to move laterally underneath you, just as it would on the road.

Instead of riding on a stationary, unmoving bicycle, your trainer now moves just like your bike would do on the road when you’re riding it normally.

What are the Benefits of a Rocker Plate?

Using a bike trainer rocker plate can offer some benefits that a regular bike trainer doesn’t. While a bike trainer allows you to work on your cycling power, cadence, and pace, a rocker plate adds an element of reality to it.

Riding on a surface that closely resembles the outdoors can have a positive effect on your training. It improves core strength and balance, and allows you to build your skills in as natural an environment as possible, so there’s no worry about transferring bike trainer skills to the real world.

Rocker plates have also been said to reduce impact on the joints, as they provide some sort of buffer against the ground. This not only prevents injury but also allows you to train longer than you would on a stationary device.

Make sure that your bike rocker plate is set up correctly, though. The wrong setup can lead to poor form.

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