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Best Adidas Running Shoes in 2023


Everyone knows that Adidas is a great brand for running shoes, whether you are a beginner or an elite racer. In fact, I ran my first two 5ks in Adidas running shoes. But with their huge range of models, it can be hard to figure out what is going to be the best Adidas running shoe for you.

Not to worry. In this article, we’ll cover Adidas’ best shoes, depending on what you need. Whether you’re looking for a good long distance shoe or a trail shoe, we’ll show you the best of the best from Adidas. Then you can easily figure out which Adidas running shoe is going to be ideal for you.

Top 3 Best and Favorites

Ultra Boost 18

  • Breathable and soft
  • Energy-returning foam
  • Great arch support
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adizero Boston 7

  • Lightweight
  • Well cushioned
  • Firm and fast
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Ultra Boost ST

  • Lots of support
  • Responsive
  • Durable, great for long runs
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Best Overall

1. Ultra Boost 18

If you’re looking for a shoe that is going to give you a comfortable fit while you run, the Ultra Boost 18 is the shoe you want. Its lightweight Primeknit method creates the entire upper in a single piece. This allows the shoe to naturally expand with your foot while you run, helping to improve fit and reduce irritation.

Similarly, you’ll experience added support with the 3-stripes logo, which functionally provides stability and the ergonomic heel structure. Plus, the Boost is Adidas’ most responsive cushioning, so the more energy you put into the shoe, the more you’ll get out.

In previous models of Adidas shoes that had Boost cushioning, 20% less thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) was used. By contrast, the Ultra Boost 18 features 100% TPU energy pellets in the midsole, meaning that runners will be sure to have a more responsive ride.

Like other traditional midsole material, TPU compresses under pressure for shock absorption. What makes the Ultra Boost and Adidas technology unique is that the shoe bounces back to its original shape, giving you a comfortable and stable run. Finally, the Torsion System holds the shoe together and makes each transition smoother, which helps support your arches.


  • Very breathable, soft, lightweight, and expandable material
  • Comfortable after hours of wear
  • Great arch support
  • Perfect for walking or working out


  • Not a lot of stability
  • Soft upper doesn’t provide support

Best Neutral Running Shoe

2. PureBoost Go

With the PureBoost Go, you’ll experience the comfort of a knit upper, the vigor of the energy-returning Boost cushioning underfoot, the support of a heel plate, and the flexibility of an outsole that allows your foot to splay naturally. In a word, the PureBoost Go is adaptive.

Whether you’re looking stability, which you’ll get from the wider forefoot design and reinforced heel, or durability, which you’ll get from the rugged outsole design, you’ll find it all in this shoe. In particular, the PureBoost Go is ideal for city running, as the wider forefoot and reinforced heel will give you stability to take curbs, corners, and uneven sidewalks.

Plus, you’ll experience the epitome of adaptability and flexibility from the targeted zones in the knitted upper and the flexible Stretchweb outsole design. In the end, this shoe will help you add miles, adapting to your foot’s natural movement and giving you a smooth run.


  • High quality of materials
  • High levels of comfort
  • Best midsole out there (made for running)
  • Great support with excellent shock absorption
  • Form-fitting upper


  • Fabric is not breathable
  • Mildly unresponsive and sometimes sluggish
  • Not useful in inclement weather due to cloth material

Most Supportive Adidas Running Shoe

3. Ultra Boost ST

Stability is the name of the game with the Ultra Boost ST. You’ll experience a full-foot Boost midsole that will provide you with energy return and superior cushioning as well as a multi-density boost that delivers stability in a progressive fashion. Both of these “boosts” will allow your foot to work naturally, giving you a comfortable run.

With the seamless Primeknit forefoot, you’ll get a comfortable upper that stretches to hold your foot in place while still reducing irritation and increasing ventilation. This means that after a long run, your feet will still feel great.

Finally, you’ll experience extreme adaptability with the midfoot tongue that wraps around your foot to give you dynamic arch support and the best fit. You’ll also have a great heel fit with the S-curve Achilles system, and support to key traction zones with the rubber stretchweb outsole that adapts to all surfaces.


  • Great support and stability without putting on too much weight
  • High durability of outsole and upper
  • Versatility
  • Responsive while still being great for long runs


  • Slightly heavy
  • Can lack some stability

Best for Long Distances

4. Solar Glide

You’ll need a shoe that is going to be flexible, comfortable, and breathable if you’re looking to run long distances. The Adidas Solar Glide fits the bill with a well-designed shoe that is stable and adaptable.

First, you’ll appreciate the flexibility, breathability, and medial support of the engineered mesh upper. It breathes easy while expanding and holding your foot. The Solar Propulsion Rail is a symmetrical energy rail that works with Adidas’ Boost midsole technology to increase stability for a smooth ride.

You’ll get great traction from the stretchweb rubber outsole, and good transition through the running gait cycle while maintaining midfoot integrity with the torsion system. Finally, the fit heel counter allows free motion of the Achilles tendon.


  • Solid fit (hugs your feet perfectly)
  • Comfortable and supportive, yet still stylish
  • High quality materials
  • Great cushioning


  • Runs large
  • Less ventilation than some similar models

Top for High Arches

5. Solar Boost

If you’re looking for a shoe with a lower toe box, slim, snug fit, and great cushioning system, the Solar Boost is the shoe for you. They are light, fast, and will adapt to your feet, so you’ll experience a great fit the best in running efficiency.

Since the upper has zoned elastic support in the forefoot, it will hug your foot, providing a more accommodating fit. The midsole with Boost technology will give you great energy return and cushioning. Finally, the fit delivers supportive heel construction designed to give you free motion of the Achilles tendon.

You won’t have to worry about stability with the Solar Boost, as the Solar Propulsion Rail works with the Boost tech to give you increased stability for a smooth ride, and the Continental rubber offers superior traction. And this will all occur within the natural movement of your feet due to the stretchweb outsole that flexes with your foot as you run.


  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Unquestionably smooth
  • Wide toe box


  • Moderate cushioning
  • Upper can be uncomforable, especially in the heel pocket area

Best Adidas Running Shoe for Speed

6. Adizero Prime

The Adizero Prime is a lightweight racing shoe designed for speed, and it will not disappoint in performance or quality. If you’re looking to do well in competitions, these shoes have been used by many marathon winners. Whether you’re training through long tempo runs, or you’re racing for a new PR, the Adizero Prime shoes will help you do it.

You’ll experience a comfortable, yet tight sock-like knit upper that hugs your foot, plus a custom lacing system that will enable you to personalize your locked-in fit. In addition to adaptability of fit, the responsive cushioning will return energy and allow you to go at full speed. Ideal for road races, you can’t go wrong with the Adizero Prime shoes.


  • Fast and light
  • High quality and durable materials (also very breathable)
  • Very comfortable
  • Enough room for toe splay


  • Can be somewhat expensive
  • Fit might be too snug for some

Best for Marathons

7. Adizero Boston 7

Intentionally or not, the name of the Adizero Boston 7 just suggests that it is made for running marathons. Used by a variety of runners for racing or up-tempo training, the Boston 7 will give you the fit and faster transition that you need for long races.

The spring-loaded boost cushion will help you run quickly, while the sturdy build and snappy flexibility will assist you in your strides. You don’t have to worry about comfort, as the upper is easy-breathing and cozy. Finally, you’ll be able to grip the road, thanks to the Continental rubber that works well in wet or dry weather.

Designed for runners who need extra stability during races, especially marathons, the Boston 7 will give you great speed, and the Microfit will lock down your foot to ensure a tight and direct fit for a fast run.


  • Lighter shoe with great traction and a slightly firmer ride
  • Comfortable and made well
  • Grips the road like crazy
  • Ideal shoe for fast-paced runs and long-distance running


  • Lighter, but harder on the feet
  • Reviewers have reported inconsistent sizing

Top for Running and Walking

8. Purebounce+

If you’re looking for a shoe that’s great for both walking and running, the Purebounce+ is the Adidas shoe for you. You’ll experience a breathable mesh upper that will provide you with good ventilation, while the wide forefoot design allows for increased surface contact and gives you room for natural toe splay.

The sock-like collar will give you a secure, stable fit, while the Bounce+ cushioning will provide you will enhanced comfort and flexibility. Nice and light, the Purebounce+ shoes allow you to walk or run in ultimate comfort.


  • Lightweight, comfortable, and stylish
  • Good shoes for colder temperatures
  • Great for exercise and casual wear
  • Lots of cushion


  • Not good for narrow feet
  • Can fit a bit snug

Best Adidas Trail Shoe

9. Terrex Agravic

For trail runners interested in the Adidas brand, the Terrex Agravic is a beast. No matter what the terrain, you can push your endurance with these trail running shoes. Not only will you experience a responsive boost cushioning to provide you with endless energy return, you will also have an extraordinary grip even in wet conditions with the Continental Rubber outsole.

You’ll experience all levels of comfort with the Terrex Agravic. The textile and mesh upper has abrasion-resistant welding, giving you added protection and durability. Plus, you’ll experience a breathable sandwich mesh lining. Finally, the lacing system will help keep your foot locked in place, which means that your feet will be blister free.

You can take on any trail with these shoes. The aggressive outsoles are suited for rough mountain pursuits where grip is key. If your running life plays out on muddy, slick trails, the Terrex Agravic is the shoe for you.


  • Runs surprisingly well at moderate to slow speeds
  • Durable shoe with strong fabric
  • Good, solid, grippy outsoles
  • Slim design


  • A bit heavy
  • Uncomfortable fit for some (too narrow in the toe box)

Best Waterproof Adidas Running Shoe

10. Supernova Gore-Tex

If it rains a lot where you live, take a look at the Supernova Gore-Tex shoes because they work like winter tires for your feet. With the Supernova Gore-Tex, a lot of rain doesn’t mean that you have to run on the treadmill. Instead, you can slip on these shoes that are perfect for wet and slippery weather.

First, you’ll encounter a breathable upper and energy-returning cushioning that will make your run powerful and quick. Next, the waterproof lining will keep out the rain and keep your feet dry and comfortable. Finally, the reliable all-terrain outsole will grip and hug slick roads so you don’t have to worry about wiping out. With the Supernova Gore-Tex, rain never has to keep you indoors.


  • Good traction on both dry and slick surfaces
  • Great winter shoes
  • Very comfortable and waterproof
  • Comfortable cushioning system


  • Looks bulky

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