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Experienced Running Writer and Editor with a deep focus on running, walking, and general fitness. Holds a BS in Communications from Boston University and brings hands-on experience as a former running store owner. Featured in well-known publications like Active and Runner's Blueprint.


As a seasoned Running Writer and Editor, Ben Drew combines extensive knowledge with a personal passion for running and fitness. With a background that includes owning a running store and timing road and trail races, Ben offers a unique, insider's perspective on the sport. His writing covers a broad spectrum, from training tips and injury prevention to gear reviews and motivational advice, catering to both new and experienced runners, as well as those interested in walking and general fitness. Ben's approach to writing is rooted in thorough research and enriched by his vast personal experience as a runner. He believes in the power of credible sources and leverages his interactions with a diverse community of runners to bring relatable and practical insights to his audience. Beyond writing, Ben is actively involved in his local running community as a race director and timer, contributing to events like the Breakneck Point and Castle to River Trail Races. Outside of his professional endeavors, Ben is a family man, coaching his son's baseball and basketball teams, and an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking and skiing. His current personal project involves renovating a newly purchased house, showcasing his diverse interests and skills.


Ben's foundation in communication was laid at Boston University, where he earned a BS in Communications. This academic background is complemented by real-world experience in running event management and coaching, equipping him with a well-rounded perspective on fitness and sports communication.

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