adidas Designed 4 Running 2-in-1 Shorts and Own the Run Tee Review


adidas is one of the most well-known sports brands with a strong line of running shoes and apparel. Today we’re checking out two of them: The adidas Designed 4 Running 2-in-1 Shorts and the Own the Run Tee.

Both the shorts and shirt feature AEROREADY fabric in the rear to help you feel cool and comfortable while you run. Reflective details will help you be seen on those early morning or late evening runs. Plus, both feature a stylish design.

If you’re looking to add to your running gear collection, these are nice options to be worn together or on their own.

Here’s all you need to know about why they’re great for running!

Designed 4 Running 2-in-1 Shorts

These men’s shorts tick all the boxes—they’re practical, comfortable, and even sustainable, made partly out of Parley Ocean plastic. You can feel good inside and out when wearing them.

Two-In-One Style

With lightly compressive inner tights and a thin outer layer, the 2-in-1 style of these shorts is practical as well as stylish. The inner layer fits close to the skin, providing welcome support with a snug fit.

The compression isn’t true compression gear, but it will help to prevent chafing. Plus, if you prefer to wear 5” shorts with a bit of modesty, these come down further down your legs.

The outer layer is thin, comfortable, and breathable. Not only does it add an extra layer for those who aren’t fond of running in tights alone, but it helps air circulate around your upper legs so you don’t get too warm.

There is a reflective detail to provide a bit of visibility for running at night.

Sweat-Wicking Material

While the double-layered design can help to keep you a little warmer in cool weather, the shorts are also designed to keep you cool in hot weather.

Complementing the naturally breathable material, AEROREADY technology built into the shorts wicks away sweat as you run, keeping you cool and as dry as possible when temperatures increase.


A “hidden” phone slide pocket on the tights allows you to store your device in a safe and secure spot that doesn’t chafe. If you need more storage space for gels, keys, or your ID, the outer layer features a back zippered pocket for convenience.

Own the Run Tee

This is adidas’ all-purpose, go-to-shirt. It comes in both men’s and women’s versions, with a slightly different cut for each. It’s also made of recycled materials, which gives it a thumbs-up for sustainability as well.

Sweat-Wicking Material

Like the 2-in-1 shorts, the adidas Own the Run tee uses AEROREADY tech, which absorbs moisture as you sweat. The breathable fabric allows air to circulate readily, wicking away the moisture to keep you dry, cool, and feeling light.

Reflective Material

This shirt is a good choice if you exercise outdoors in low-light conditions. No matter what color you choose, the shirt is adorned with reflective sections so you should be seen from afar.

On the chest, a small adidas logo lights up so people can see you from the front. On each sleeve is an extended version of the adidas logo—three long lines that reflect light and show your presence in darker places.

The women’s shirts feature white reflective strips, while the men’s have mostly reflective silver. Both work just the same.

Multiple Color Options

There are tons of color options with the Own the Run tee. The women’s shirt comes in 9 different colors and the men’s is available in 13 colors.

Real World Testing

It’s easy to say that running shirts and running shorts are all the same. But it’s the details that separate good shirts and shorts from bad ones.

And here, adidas has nailed both the shirt and shorts. Not just with basic comfort and function but with the details that separate these from others.

Designed 4 Running 2-in-1 Shorts

First off, the fit on these is spot on. I wear a men’s large for shorts and this pair fits perfectly. There is no bunching or tightness. And definitely not loose in any spots, either.

The inner layer feels comfortable and comes down to a nice length on my legs. The phone pocket is a nice touch; however it’s not quite big enough for the largest phones on the market. The pocket stretches, which helps, but it’s still not big enough for some phones.

The outer section of the shorts feels nice. The mix of AEROREADY material in the back with more traditional polyester material in the front is a good combo. There is a good-sized zippered pocket in the back, ideal for keys and a couple of gels. The shorts are standard 5” length, so they do sit higher than the inner layer.

Running in these felt great. No chafing or hot spots. The shorts cinched tight and didn’t cause any discomfort while running.

One issue I found annoying was the outer shorts did ride up a bit as I ran. Even after pulling them down, they quickly bunched back up. Not uncommon with shorts and not an issue since the inner layer stayed in place. Still, a bit annoying.

Own the Run Tee

Like the running shorts, the Own the Run Tee is correctly sized. It wasn’t too tight or loose on me and the shirt hung just below my waist.

It’s a comfortable shirt that nicely wicked away sweat when I was running. Like the shorts, the AEROREADY material in the back worked well combined with the more traditional poly in the front.

Reflective touches on the sleeves are a nice touch. It’s not a huge amount of reflective material, so you’ll probably want to also use a reflective vest.

Best part about this shirt is it’s reasonably priced at $35 (at the time of writing). Plus, it comes in quite a few colors.

Overall, the running shirt does the job without a lot of fuss. Running shirts aren’t overally complicated but many brands often mess them up. Not with this one, adidas did a nice job creating a basic running tee.

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