Garmin Forerunner 235 – Special Offer

Buy Now and receive a free AC charger and 2 free screen protectors!!

Did you know that the Forerunner 235 only comes with a USB charging cable?

To charge it, you’ll need access to a computer with a USB port. But if you buy your Forerunner 235 from our partner store, Run On Hudson Valley, you’ll receive a FREE AC charger ($20 value)! Now you can charge your watch in a standard outlet.

You’ll also receive 2 FREE Boxwave screen protectors ($20 value).

Boxwave is the #1 brand for protecting all your device screens. Keep your Forerunner 235 looking pristine with a screen protector!

Shipping is free!

And when you buy from Run On, you don’t pay sales tax** (save up to $30!!)

If you bought this from another retailer, you’d pay:

Forerunner 235: $300

AC Charger: $20

2 Boxwave Screen protectors: $20

Sales Tax: $30

Shipping: $6

Total: $376

When you buy from Run On Hudson Valley:

Forerunner 235: $300

AC Charger: Free

2 Boxwave Screen protectors: Free

Sales Tax: No charge**

Shipping: Free

Total: $300

That’s savings of $76

Plus, your purchase also goes towards supporting a local, independent business. Run On Hudson Valley is a specialty running store with a full selection of running shoes and gear. Located in beautiful Croton, New York, Run On has been proudly serving the local community for 3+ years. Purchasing your Forerunner 235 from Run On helps support the store and keeps local business alive.

Run On offers a 30-day return policy for your Garmin Forerunner 235. As long as the watch and extras are returned in like-new condition with the original packaging materials, you’ll receive a full refund. This includes opened boxes.

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**excludes New York State