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My Story

It started 7 years ago with a simple run.






Like a lot of people, I let my twenties get the best of me. I had turned into a saggy and bloated giant able to scarf down three slices of buffalo chicken pizza in a single sitting.

In an effort to better myself and lose some weight, I turned to a basic exercise I hadn’t tried since high school: running.

That first run wasn’t far, fast, or easy. I wore cheap sneakers and a nylon pants that zip-zip-zipped as I shuffled along. I never logged this run so I don’t even remember if I wore a watch. But I do remember that I got lost, struggled to make it back home, and had no clue how far or fast (or in my case, slow) I’d run.

Ben at Boston Marathon

A year later, bitten by the bug, I was thinner, faster, and training for my first marathon. One thing that irritated me was that all of the training plans I found centered on milage and pace. At first, I used Runner’s World online tracking log that included a map where I could draw and measure my running routes, giving me an idea of my pace. This helped post-workout but I was clueless during my runs.

Enter my first GPS watch: the Garmin Forerunner 305.

8 marathons, 20 half-marathons, and dozens of 10k and 5k races later, I’m still at it, watch on wrist.

The Website

The Wired Runner was born out of my desire to help demystify what GPS watches do – and don’t do – well. Originally, this website was called Athlete’s GPS; however, we changed sites in January 2015. But my goal still remains the same: I want people to be able to make a smart choice when buying a watch. Today is a great time to purchase a GPS watch. There are numerous brands and models made for lots of different activities. But with so many options to choose from, it’s getting harder and harder to decipher the differences between each watch.

The goal here is to guide you through the GPS watch buying process from start to end, and beyond.

We’ve created our Buyer’s Guide to eliminate a lot of the confusion around the different GPS watches on the market. We’re also available to assist you if you have other questions.

Like me, I hope your watch gives you years of enjoyment and propels you on your quest to exercise, lose weight, run a marathon, train better, have fun, or whatever else you do!